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Leader's speech

Leader's speech

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Thank you friends from all corners of the world visit our company website at this moment and bring my sincerest greetings. Your attention has always been the source of Yiguang’s growth!
In the past ten years, Yiguang has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of “make the best use of its talents, honesty, and technology” course. Under the weak condition that the two major elements of entrepreneurship "economic foundation" and "social relations" were blank at that time, we gave full play to our own professional expertise; products continue to technological innovation and new product research and development, customized personalized and professional for customers The solution has won the market and won the trust of customers and the recognition of the market. ”

Our goal is very clear: the initial stage is to insist on being refined and strong; The year's journey is not short, it can be said to be a stormy journey. After eight years of painstaking preparation, Yiguang has basically achieved the first-phase goal, and is moving forward with its head up to the mid-term goal. In such a group that has experienced hard work, is full of vitality and innovative spirit, and is united and cooperative, there is bound to be a huge potential for enterprise development.
Looking back on the past, what we are grateful for is: those friends who have helped and supported us Yiguang will always be grateful; here, on behalf of all employees of Shanghai Yiguang Special Rubber Co., Ltd. , The leaders at all levels, suppliers, customers and colleagues in various industries who support the development of Yiguang express their most sincere gratitude!

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