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Discussion on the Application of Organic Silicone Foaming Materials in New Energy Vehicles

“Humanity relics connect three counties, business travel and transportation tops the middle of Anhui. The vast Jianghuai has left a trail of victory, and the dwellings are simple and simple." The production base of Hefei Yiguang Polymer Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Sanhe Ancient Town, a famous historical and cultural town in China and a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction. It is the first choice for work and leisure. Founded in 2012, Yiguang currently covers an area of ​​over 23,000 square meters. It is a technologically innovative enterprise integrating industry and trade, mainly engaged in the production and research and development of new silicone rubber polymer materials.
03 2021/08

Silicone tube manufacturing lies in its extrusion technology advantages

Silicone tube manufacturing lies in its advantages of extrusion technology. The use of extrusion as a physical manufacturing technology for silicone tube is much better than the past hot pressing or hot punching technology. Together with the new process technology of extruding silica gel, it can be shaped in liquid state using CO2. The so-called re-developed process in silica gel production combines the advantages of physical extrusion and chemical manufacturing. Like a chemical foaming masterbatch, the raw material silica gel is fed into the extruder through a granular hopper.
03 2021/08

What are the advantages of food-grade silicone tube manufacturing technology?

Food-grade silicone tube is also very accepted now, because silicone tube is used a lot in daily life, and it can be seen not only in life but also in various industries, and its manufacturing technology also has its own The advantages of the silicone tube manufacturing technology are different from ordinary silicone tube manufacturing technology. Now let’s talk about the advantages of the food-grade silicone tube manufacturing technology?
03 2021/08
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