Silicone foam

Category: YGP-Low Density Silicone Foam Series
Silicone foam has the lightness of foam and the same airtightness as traditional rubber sponge. It is used to seal and protect various outdoor communication, electronic and lighting equipment cabinets against rain and fire. These materials are also used to reduce shock or isolate vibration. Silicone foam can provide coils of different thicknesses, which are easy to process into the required size.
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Silicone foam
Product description

Characteristics of silicone foam:

1. Mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, high-speed rail, industrial and mining, aviation and military industry, new energy vehicle battery box, restraint tray medical equipment, etc.

2. Shock absorption, heat insulation, sealing, filling, edge protection, etc.

3. Uniform foaming and stable quality, which can replace imports

Color Thickness Length Width
Gray 1.5~12.7mm 5~10 meters 1000mm
Red 1.5~12.7mm 5~10 meters 1000mm
Black 1.5~12.7mm 5~10 meters 1000mm
White 1.5~12.7mm 5~10 meters 1000mm

Product parameters:

Product name: Silicone foam

Product material:Imported silicone rubber
Density range: 0.385~0.55g/cm3
Hardness range:5~15 degrees ShoreA
Temperature resistance: -60 ~ +280 °C
Product color: red, gray, black, white, etc.

Product highlights:

Can replace imports
Bow|Adopt foreign foaming technology, the foaming is even, the density can be within the range of 0.385~0.55g/cm3, and the texture is soft.
High temperature resistance without deformation
High temperature resistance up to 280°C, long-term non-deformation, good resilience and long service life.
Even foaming
Enlarge the details to see that the product has fine and even foaming holes.

Working environment and equipment:

Closely packaged
Closely packaged
Processing environment
Application equipment
Packed and shipped
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Silicone foam
Silicone sponge

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