Silicone foam tube

Category: YGH-Silicone Hose Series
Silicone tube is a kind of rubber with a wide range of special comprehensive properties. It has excellent electrical insulation properties, aging resistance, chemical stability, oxidation resistance, weather resistance, radiation resistance, physiological inertness, high and low temperature resistance, and can be at -60°C. ~250℃ for long-term use.
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Silicone foam tube
Product description

Characteristics of silicone foam tube:

1. Anti-ultraviolet, anti-ozone, extreme temperature resistance and flame retardancy

2. Strong sealing ability, can effectively prevent tiny particles and floating rain

3. Sealed, dust-proof, moisture-proof, air-tight and shading, vibration isolation


Product parameters:

Brand:Yiguang Rubber
Name of product: Silicone foam tube
Size: Customizable
Temperature resistance:-60°C-+280°C
Applications: electronics, hardware, machinery, etc.

Product highlights:

Can replace imports
Product production process and production line are rigorous
High temperature resistance without deformation
Temperature resistance -60 ~ + 280°C
Wide range of uses
Electronics, hardware, mechanical equipment, etc.

Working environment and equipment:

Closely packaged
Company environment
Processing environment
Application equipment
Packed and shipped
Shipment site
Production equipment

Product details:

Bubble evenly
High temperature resistance
The shape can be customized
Silicone foam tube
Silicone tube

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