Silicone sponge

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Silicone sponge (open-hole) series products have the advantages of high temperature resistance, good air permeability, and strong pressure resistance. They are essential products for the ironing of suits and high-end clothing. The silicone foam board (closed cell) series products have uniform foaming, high temperature resistance and good pressure resistance.
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Silicone sponge
Product description

Characteristics of silicone sponge:

1. High temperature resistance, good air permeability, and strong pressure resistance

2. It has uniform foaming, high temperature resistance and good pressure resistance.

3. It is suitable for clothing finishing equipment, heat transfer printing equipment, electronic and electrical cushioning and shock absorption, mechanical sealing, high temperature filtration and other industries.

Product highlights:

Can replace imports
The production process and production line of this product are completely imported from foreign technology and its products can now replace foreign imports. The foaming density is uniform, and the density can be adjusted within the range of 0.35~0.95, which can make the product soft, light, good resilience, strong tensile strength, and has the advantages of odorless, non-toxic, odorless, etc.
High temperature resistance without deformation
No odor, uniform foaming, good resilience. High strength, long service life, temperature resistance up to 250°C, no deformation, product plane parallelism tolerance is +0.1mm.
Wide range of uses
Suitable for printing equipment, electronic appliances, mechanical seals, heat preservation, new energy vehicle batteries, aviation high-speed rail, electronic appliances, cushioning materials.

Working environment and equipment:

Closely packaged
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Product details:

Silicone foam board should introduce foreign foaming technology, the foaming is uniform, the density can be 0.25-0.85g/cm3, and the Shore hardness is 8-30A.
Environmental protection, non-toxic, odorless, good resilience, good flexibility, no bubbles and no pores on the surface. Yiguang foamed silica gel board has high strength and long service life.
The high temperature resistance can reach above 280C without deformation after long-term use. Foamed silica gel board insulation, environmental protection, high and low temperature resistance, compression resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet rays
Press to rebound, zoom in to see the details, uniform foaming, high density, not easy to deform, and good heat insulation and heat preservation effect.
Silicone sponge
High temperature resistance
Good air permeability

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